Each year, the Leadership Louisville Center’s Bingham Fellows program looks to the community to understand our greatest challenges and identify what is mission critical to create the kind of place where we all thrive. Topics are selected based on importance, urgency, and opportunity for a group of community leaders to create meaningful positive action.

Public safety is at the forefront of our community’s concerns, and there is momentum across sectors to address this persistent challenge in order to make Louisville a safe and vibrant city. Preventing and reducing violence is a complex issue with a range of social, cultural, and economic factors. In order to meaningfully impact this critical need, we’re partnering with the Community Foundation of Louisville, which is continuing the legacy of the Greater Louisville Project (GLP) including their 2023 “Safer City By Design” report. The report presents data on the state of violence in Louisville, how it can be addressed using a public health approach, and funding challenges for current evidence-based and community-informed violence intervention and prevention strategies. This will provide a roadmap for the Bingham Fellows Class of 2024 to build a safer city and answer the call to create a thriving city for all.

The GLP’s “Safer City By Design” report examined root causes of violence, the importance of investing in youth, and the unique opportunity that federal American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding for violence intervention programs has provided. This critical data around violence as a public health issue and the importance of investing in violence intervention and prevention solutions will serve as a baseline for the class to explore the issues.

While the report provides the data, it concludes with a call to the community to continue this work and address the “funding cliff” that our community faces when ARP funding runs out in 2025. The Bingham Fellows Class of 2024 will answer that call. The advanced leadership and social impact accelerator program will bring together business, nonprofit, and community leaders to identify solutions and innovative ways to expand evidence-based and community-informed violence intervention and prevention programs.

The class will learn from GLP’s research on root causes of violence and how it disproportionately affects historically oppressed or historically marginalized populations such as disconnected youth, women, and people living in poverty. They will examine the data on the intersection of systems of power, policy, and protective and risk factors. They will learn about the initiatives that have been designed by the people who have been most impacted by violence and are currently funded through 2024. This will allow the class to focus their work around areas identified as opportunities to make significant impact, including:

  • Violence Prevention and Intervention Strategies
  • Education & Workforce Solutions
  • Incarceration, Restorative Justice & Re-Entry

The impact of violence on our community is incalculable. Safety is crucial for our collective well-being, and it is a basic ingredient for a city where people, neighborhoods, and businesses can prosper. Now is the time to ensure we implement and resource the work that Louisville needs to get there. Apply today so you and your organization can help create a safe and thriving community for everyone.


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