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Putting leadership into action, solutions into place

Bingham Fellows is our advanced leadership program, bringing together Louisville’s most experienced leaders to address one of the region’s most critical issues. Each cohort is comprised of diverse experts and unique voices, representing all parts of the community, to make a significant difference and together solve complex problems.

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For Community Leaders who have Expertise or a Strong Interest in the Topic

Leave with new insights, connections, and unmatched training in social innovation.

Year-long Program

Including an orientation, an overnight retreat, and monthly program days exploring solutions and pathways around the topic at hand.

Grow Your Network

Make connections and collaborate with a diverse group of professionals to solve complex problems.

Lasting Impact on the Community

Make a significant difference while learning advanced strategic change management skills.

Classroom Instruction & Hands-on Application

Apply real-world leadership lessons while working in teams on different projects to address the topic.


Tuition for the Bingham Fellows program is $4,800 and includes overnight retreat lodging, meals, and materials. Tuition support can be requested if cost is a barrier.

frequently asked questions

Ideal Bingham Fellow candidates are:

  • Community leaders who have the expertise or have a strong interest in the Bingham Fellows topic.
  • Graduates of other Leadership Louisville Center programs, but participation in previous programs is not required.
  • Individuals who are passionate about civic engagement and are interested in advanced leadership development opportunities and the ability to make a positive difference.

This is a yearlong program. The experience includes a mandatory opening session, mandatory two-day retreat, one full program day per month, and additional time spent outside of the program days in small groups to further explore the topic and implement solutions. Please check the program calendar to ensure the dates work for your schedule prior to submitting an application.

The Leadership Louisville Center programs have attendance policies designed to give everyone the best possible experience. Exceeding the allowed absences for your program will result in a review of your continued participation by the Leadership Louisville Center Board of Directors. At that point, you must petition the Board to review your status via a letter outlining the reasons for exceeding the allowed absences. The board chair will rule on these matters. Failure to petition the board will result in dismissal.

  • Full and partial days are counted. Any hours away from the program day will be tracked and 8 hours will add up to an absence.
  • Failure to attend the mandatory sessions in their entirety will result in automatic dismissal from the program and forfeiting of tuition.
  • When using an excused absence, please notify the program manager as far in advance as possible. In cases where you cannot provide advanced notice, day-of notification is helpful so staff will know who to expect.
  • Consult program calendars for dates of all mandatory events.


  • The opening session of the program in January is mandatory in its entirety.
  • The two-day retreat in May is mandatory in its entirety.
  • Two excused absences, or equivalent hours, are allowed. A third absence will result in a review of your continued participation by the Leadership Louisville Center Board of Directors.
  • If approved to continue after a third absence, a fourth absence would result in automatic dismissal.
  • Three consecutive absences will result in automatic dismissal.

Tuition for Bingham Fellows is $4,800. This includes overnight retreat lodging, meals, and materials. Tuition support can be requested if cost is a barrier.

Gain advanced leadership experience in change management and influencing behavior as well as the opportunity to highlight your company’s interest in the local community and commitment to its growth. Develop new relationships with other local and regional leaders and create dynamic and innovative solutions to our community’s most pressing challenges. 

Bingham Fellow classes have approximately 40 participants.

Our selection committee considers experience, community service, responses to essay questions, and approval from your employer/supervisor. The application consists of three parts:

Applications are considered complete once all components of the application have been received by the Leadership Louisville Center. A selection committee determines which applicants will be invited to participate in the Bingham Fellows Program.


"My Bingham Fellows experience provided the opportunity to center authentic local voices of impacted people - that identified solutions to our community’s most pressing issues. As leaders in this network, we should work to invest in the growth of their ideas and encourage others to do so."

Daryle W. Unseld Jr., BF ‘18
President & CEO | Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana

“Bingham Fellows connected me to the most passionate group of community leaders-- all committed to making change and creating a top-tier city. We learned from one another, challenged one another and worked together to create programs with real impact and change for ‘a Greater Louisville.’ I am so proud to call my classmates friends, colleagues and leaders that are making a difference, not only in their professional careers, but in living their values for a better community.”

Heather Weston Bell
Senior VP for Community Engagement | Kentucky Performing Arts

“The Bingham Fellows class was an excellent way to meet colleagues-turned-friends from a cross-sector of Louisville's professional community. I would never have gotten to know so many smart, fun, and creative leaders had it not been for this year-long program. What makes it stand out from other programs is the in-depth exploration of a community-wide challenge and the opportunity to use our collective skills, knowledge, and network to find unique solutions. I was able to expand both my professional and social network through the Bingham Fellows program.”

Xiao Yin Zhao
Executive Director | World Affairs Council of KY/So. IN