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Our Team

Emily Beck

Manager of Philanthropy & Donor Strategy

Nubia Bennett

DEI & Leadership Development Manager

Cara Boardman

Talent Development Leader

Paul Bolton

Director of Business Development

Sara Bowman

Engagement Manager

Shelley Douthitt

Client Relations Manager | Executive Assistant

Savion Duke

Events Manager

Gianna Guadara

Digital Marketing Strategist

Aimee Jewell

Leadership Development Manager

Cynthia Knapek

President & CEO

Alex Koch

Event Specialist

Jo Lloyd-Triplett

Assistant Director of Community Leadership Programs

Kelsey May

Assistant Accountant

Aaron Miller

Vice President

Emalee Morley

Salesforce & Technology Manager

Holly Prather

Chief Operations Officer

Brian Schaefer

Accounting Manager

Jennifer Stevens

Director of Philanthropy & Corporate Engagement

Emily Trujillo

Assistant Director of Marketing & PR

Lisa Zangari

Executive Coach in Residence